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Juan M Crujeiras


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The Bido team, kitchen and living room; we are Bido

These days Bido is celebrating it’s birthday, four years old, which passed fast and intense and, with great joy we celebrate it, especially thinking about the strange year this 2020 that we are living, so much hope that it would be a great year and, so everything pointed at the beginning, starting with enthusiasm, with increasing work, the good words of the guests …

How young we still feel, so much to do, so much to tell, to offer, to advance …

Every day we are more clear about where we are going as a restaurant, not only the kitchen, new products, meats, vegetables, dishes, but also looking for new wines that surprise, new gastronomic approaches that make every day a place to enjoy, we do not consider ourselves a place of passage, nor a place that is part of the collection of “restaurants that I visited”, Bido is and has to be the place where “I want to return because of how good I feel and how good they make me feel”. And yes, Bido is that and it wants to continue being so.

So more than ever we should think about those who make this possible.

The ¨TEAM¨, the one that all chef-owners of restaurants always talk about and praise but rarely make known, he is the fundamental piece, they are the people who make it possible for everything to work.

Bido are as of today:

Manuel, floor manager and sommelier, perhaps the face most recognized by the usual clientele, and a person you can always trust, as a customer, in his recommendations for dishes and wines.

Ana, the second head of  room who, although she has been with us for a short time, is a breath of fresh air, from the first moment she makes the room more relaxed and cheerful, she will not go unnoticed.

Clara, a waitress who has been with us for almost four years, came from an internship and is still here, whom many clients adore for her naturalness and professionalism, hard-working and always ready for whatever you ask her.

Alberto, the bartender at Bido, the one who, if you let yourself go, will be able to surprise you with a good drink, although he does not like us to call him “the bartender” for us he  always will be.

Alma, waitress, has also been a short time, every day is growing, cheerful, hard-working, fighter… admirable.

And in the kitchen … how hard cooking is … We have Fernando who acts as Chef de, cuisine he is the one who manages to make almost everything we propose come to fruition and turn into tasty dishes.

Eva, a cook, always contributing not only work and ideas, but also her vision of gastronomy, dishes and how to make life in the restaurant more comfortable and less hard.

Andrew (Andrés), cook, has also been in Bido for a short time, always learning, excited, eager, a charming person with a great future ahead of him.

And in the plongeur, perhaps the least recognized place in the kitchen, but no less important, there is Angeles, everything in order, shiny, perfect, she can never stand  still…

And that is more or less from my point of view the people who work at Bido every day, the people who make this project possible from within, still full of enthusiasm and desire to make it better every day, because there are many more, but that’s we will speak of another day.

If times permit, we will continue working so that when you visit us, you feel that you are in the right place.

But there is one thing that is always clear to me, that Bido is you. THANK YOU!