Bido is Birch, its Galicia, its forest and life, height and light.

The freedom which the light and you posses seep through space.

A space created to let your senses recreate, because eating is not just a matter of taste.

It is to see, a painting, a glass, the ceiling, simple yet cared for lines which are born through love and taste from the artist.

It is to touch, textures,temperatures, wood and metal, noble materials, like the nature which constantly inspires us.

It is to hear complicit conversations, the crunch of bread in between relaxed laughter, because there is no rush, time runs at its own pace.

It is to smell, the aromas born within the stove which wake up the appetite, the nuances of wine from all parts of the world.

And, or course, Bido is to taste. To taste the earth, the ocean, the beauty of what is authentic, the product, our product.

Bido is emotion, in your senses.

Espacio Bido