KITCHEN. To dine at Bido is to walk through Galicia, the traverse its coasts, smell its earth. Seasonal fish and shellfish, vegetables , noble meats. Flavour, smell, color. Bido is tradition and present.

DEDICATION.We have prepared the best version of every product on a plate. Its flavour elevated to its maximum expression,  with its perfect accompaniment, creating an honest harmony of flavours, textures and forms. Much more the eating.

PASSION. A cuisine fed by creativity, precise technique and the love for  honest work. A common feeling which exists through our philosophy. That is what we feel hear

HOME. We take care of you from the first moment. We will guide you through our world of flavours; we will help you to find company for your silverware, the right glass of wine wakes up nuances, elevates aromas. The perfect pairing.

YOU. If you enjoy gastronomy as much as we do, this is your place. If you want to share this fantastic experience, to remember authentic flavours, singular wines, share laughter, this space, our space, is now for you. Bido is your restaurant.

Espacio Bido