BIDO is a living space created to enjoy. That is why we want to welcome your personal projects and help you shape them.

YOUR IDEA. It is the first thing we will do, know what you have in mind, what event or meeting you want to celebrate. An intimate anniversary, a birthday dinner, a business lunch or even the entire restaurant for you. How do you want to feel, what do you want for your guests, every detail is important.

THE MENU. We know that each event is different and yours will be different from the others, because we will do everything personally.

WINES. Keeping a close eye on the pairing between the selection of dishes and wines is essential to obtain a perfect result.

DESSERTS AND COCKTAILS. Joy in the form of sweet dishes, crystal glasses for the best cocktail. The perfect ending.

NO HURRIES. It’s a special moment, you don’t want it to end. Let us take care of you and yours. Our job is to make a special day memorable. Unique flavors, great company, in a careful environment. Only you are missing.