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At BIDO we have always liked that you feel at home, so it was natural to turn your home into BIDO.

We know that there are special moments that ask for privacy, because you are looking for romance, celebrate an important event, or throw an elegant party. We have listened to our instinct, the one that leads us every day to make BIDO a unique experience, and we want you to be able to enjoy it in your own home.

We will cook for you, with all the culinary wealth that you know from our restaurant, with care in the pairings between food and wine and, of course, our cocktails. Product and great professionals, for you. Imagine one of our cooks in your kitchen, preparing those dishes that you already love, served on our own dishes if you want. A waiter and why not a bartender, so that this exclusive experience is complete, magnificent.

Imagine the moment, think about the company, dress up, it is time for fun, to allow yourself to be special, to enjoy every moment. Because that’s BIDO; it is life at the table, and now also at home. You choose the occasion, we make it unforgettable.

That special moment is now within your reach, you just have to talk to us

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